21 Years Of Experience

Mehdi Afshar, CEO


When we founded Querix as a small team in 1994, our aim was to provide simple and efficient tools to enable developers to communicate with their databases. Today, 21 years on, Querix employs over 40 staff who each share that original vision. 2015 looks to be our most exciting year yet, with the release of Lycia 3, our Modern 4GL Compiler, as well as the one-of-a-kind 4GL App Analyser. We think these products will really stand out as innovative in the current 4GL development solutions market.


Lycia 3 brings effortless modern features to 4GL such as the ability to add Cloud Services to your application, merely by appending function names with a ‘web_’ prefix, and the ability to interface with Java and C++ code. We want our loyal 4GL developer base to stay competitive in the modern era, and we’re constantly adding features to Lycia to make sure this is the case. We want our developers to be as lean as possible, and that’s why we’ve implemented time-saving features such as the ability to use any SQL database with your application without the use of conditional code, or the ability to work efficiently as a team using our Source Version Control, or even simply the ability to build great layouts quickly with our GUI builder and themes.


This year we introduce the App Analyser, which can analyse 4GL application source code and generate interactive documentation from the structure and commenting. We hope this tool will enable companies to understand, simplify and improve their workhorse applications which may not yet have been modernized due to their hundreds of thousands of lines of code.


As always, we promise to provide the highest quality and most personal support from our dedicated team, who have built up a reputation for their good standards. We hope you will join us this year, and we look forward to hearing from anyone who would like to discuss how Querix products could work for you.



To a great year for all of us,



Mehdi Afshar