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Web Content Image - the job communication platform for Informix Specialists

We recently had the chance to interview Eric Vercelletto, founder of the Informix dedicated job & expertise exchange platform who's been busy reminding the Informix community to return to their roots and strengths. The idea is something which has been successfully done in a number of industries and Eric is looking to ensure that this becomes a huge success in the Informix community.

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New Lycia™ 2.2 with WindowBuilder® Form Designer

GL forms that started out as plain text files have evolved to the rich graphical forms, easy to edit and enhance with Lycia II™. After the syntax additions in the text forms and graphical representation of the PER text form file, Querix also introduces the next generation powerful 4GL form designer based on the award winning WindowBuilder®, that imparts 4GL forms with flexibility and the freedom of customization that the 4GL language has never allowed before.

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2014 IIUG Informix Conference in Miami US - April 27 - May 1

We are proud to announce our participation at the 2014 IIUG Informix Conference,
April 27th - May 1st, 2014
in Miami, Florida - USA
Join us at our new sunny Miami location and be a part of the largest gathering of Informix fanatics in the world.

Customer Testimonials Customer Testimonials

“Querix tools afforded us the opportunity to reach new markets, by providing a robust, multiple database platform, and a highly integrated graphical development and deployment environment, including both the desktop and the Web.”


Jim Zapapas, President, Zedent Systems, Inc., USA.
4GL Compatibility Survey 4GL Compatibility Survey

Querix 4GL is currently fully compatible with the classic Informix 4GL, Dynamic 4GL BDS and has a vast range of its own language extensions. We have created a survey in order to find out what features from other programming languages will be useful if incorporated into Querix 4GL. We would appreciate your opinion.

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