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Bureau with Querix

Bureau is a business-model, that allows resellers to develop web-applications and manage them, providing clients with the access to the software via the Internet. This technology costs less to end users since it does not require any extra charges referred to installation, updating and supporting of the hardware environment and the software itself. Through the range of benefits, Querix presents this up-to-date technology destined to create profitable business both for resellers and their customers.

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Lycia Mobile

Lycia Mobile offers the possibility to run customers` applications on multiple devices and platforms. To realize the idea of a single application being cross-platform and cross-device, we have designed Lycia Touch which provides support for the mobile development framework allowing developers to have such application source and deploy the applications to many commonly avaialble devices, including different iPad tablets, Android devices, iPhone and Windows Phone mobile phones.

Customer Testimonials Customer Testimonials

“As a leading provider of supply chain execution software solutions, we have made extensive use of Querix products for Provia’s 4GL-based FourSite OMS package.  Using the Querix Hydra compiler, Phoenix GUI client and Text client, FourSite is now available to run in both GUI and character modes across a wide range of platforms and databases.
This is quite an accomplishment given the size, complexity, and standards requirements of the FourSite product along with the fact that this has been done all with one standard code base.  The support provided by Querix during the porting process and ongoing has been without compare.”

Vonda Hoekstra, Provia Software, Inc., Grand Rapids, Michigan


4GL Compatibility Survey 4GL Compatibility Survey

Querix 4GL is currently fully compatible with the classic Informix 4GL, Dynamic 4GL BDS and has a vast range of its own language extensions. We have created a survey in order to find out what features from other programming languages will be useful if incorporated into Querix 4GL. We would appreciate your opinion.

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