A list of Querix/Informix 4GL Key names.

Following keywords (key names) can be written in uppercase or lowercase letters separated by commas, to specify a key:

Function keys:

F1 – F1024 for Chimera (F256 for Phoenix)
F13 = Shift F1 and F24 is Shift-F12
F25 – F1024 can only be triggered via form widgets i.e. buttons (not via the keyboard)

Character keys.

Any standard character key (NLS) can be used
Note: key names are case sensitive except when they are used in a (ring) MENU statement.

Character or function keys in combination with the Control (CONTROL) key.

Simply prefix the key name with the letters ‘CONTROL-‘
for example CONTROL-a or CONTROL-F1

Special key names.

NOTE: These keys must always be quoted !

accept ENTER
delete Delete
down Down
esc Escape
escape Escape
help Help Key
insert Insert Key
interrupt Interrupt key
left Cursor Left
right Cursor Right
next Next Page
nextpage Next Page
previous Previous page
prevpage Previous page
right Cursor right
tab Tab key
up Cursor Up
backspace Backspace
Break Break key
kp_0 Key Pad ‘0’ (Numlock)
kp_1 Key Pad ‘1’ (Numlock)
kp_2 Key Pad ‘2’ (Numlock)
kp_3 Key Pad ‘3’ (Numlock)
kp_4 Key Pad ‘4’ (Numlock)
kp_5 Key Pad ‘5’ (Numlock)
kp_6 Key Pad ‘6’ (Numlock)
kp_7 Key Pad ‘7’ (Numlock)
kp_8 Key Pad ‘8’ (Numlock)
kp_9 Key Pad ‘9’ (Numlock)
key_c1 Key Pad ‘1’
key_c2 Key Pad ‘2’
key_c3 Key Pad ‘3’
key_b1 Key Pad ‘4’
key_b2 Key Pad ‘5’
key_b3 Key Pad ‘6’
key_a1 Key Pad ‘7’
key_a2 Key Pad ‘8’
key_a3 Key Pad ‘9’
kp_add PLUS key (Num Key Pad)
kp_subtract Minus Key (Num Key Pad)
kp_divide Divide / key (Num Key Pad)
kp_multiply Muliply * key (Num Key Pad)
kp_decimal Decimal . or , key (Num Key Pad)
key_break Break key
key_down Cursor Down key
key_up Cursor UP key
key_left Cursor left key
key_right Cursor right key
key_home HOME key
key_backspace Backspace key
key_npage Next Page key
key_ppage Previous key page
key_stab Shift-Tab key
key_ctab Ctrl-Tab key
key_enter Return / Enter key
key_sreset Reboot key
key_reset Reset key
key_print Print key
key_end END / Ende key
key_help Help key
key_shelp Shift + Help key
key_shome Shift + Home key
key_sprint Shift Print key