Can’t find database In GUI using Hydra (but can in text mode).

Sometimes programs may behave differently (for example, unable to connect to database) when running through the GUI, which will work correctly when running in character mode. In this case the problem is usually a result of differences in the process environment.
The listener service, by default, runs all programs under a fixed user ID and fixed environment. The listener environment can be configured through Hydra Studio, in the listener configuration panel (select the ‘GUI servers’ tab above the project file tree).
Another cause of this problem on Windows is that the qxinetd service is running as a different user as the user you are running text mode in.
To change the user which qxinetd runs as:

  1. Control panel->Administrative Tools -> Services.
  2. Select qxinetd -> Right click it then select properties.
  3. Select the Log on Tab and change the user.
  4. Then Restart the service.

Phoenix will take the user from the ‘querix’ file in /ect/xinetd.d folder. If this user does not exist or it does not have permission to access the database you will get an error like the error below:
Here is an example of the contents of the ‘querix’ file:
You will need to make sure that the user in the ‘querix’ file exists and that it does have permission to access the database.
Once this is done you will need to restart the xinetd service. This is done by running the command ‘ xinetd restart’. Once the service has been restarted the changes will take effect.