Changing the default Interrupt key in the GUI mode.

Though it is not possible to change the Interrupt key using the 4GL code directly, you can change it in the GUI mode with the help of the fglprofile.std file.
To change the Interrupt key, you should  open the  fglprofile.std file located in the $HYDRA_DIR\etc directory and add the “gui.key.interrupt=<your_KEY>”.
For example:
It can be any other key. However, if you want to specify END or HOME as the interrupt key, you need to put the “key” keyword before the key name.
For example:
"gui.key.interrupt=key_end", "gui.key.interrupt=key_home".
Note: it is important that the fglprofile.std file should be saved in the ASCII mode. Saving it in Unicode will result in errors.