Deploy my Programs using ‘Hydra4GL’.

Deployment Requirements

To deploy your application in a customer environment, you will need to install the Querix ‘Hydra4GL’ runtime package. This package is an integral part of the ‘Hydra4GL’ Compiler package, and consists of:

  • The ‘Hydra4GL’ Runtime Libraries
  • The ‘Hydra4GL’ GUI Server
  • The ‘Hydra4GL’ Message Files

Once you have installed this package set
Please note that the runtime components you install must be from the same or later version of ‘Hydra4GL’ from which you compiled the programs.

Deployment Licensing

When installing on a customer system, you will need to install a ‘Hydra4GL’ runtime license. The ‘Hydra4GL’ runtime license controls the number of concurrent 4GL processes that may run on this system. Without such a license, no more than two processes may run concurrently.