Error Number 1200 – 1299.

1200 Value too large for DECIMAL data type.

1201 Value too small for DECIMAL data type.

1202 Attempting to divide by zero.

1203 The variables in a MATCH should be of character type.

1204 Year in date is not valid.

1205 Month in date is not valid.

1206 Day in date is not valid.

1207 The converted value overflows the assigned space.

1210 Can not convert date to MDY format.

1211 Out of data memory space when formatting.

1212 Date format must specify month, day, and year.

1213 Conversion error from character string to number.

1214 Value too large for SMALLINT data type.

1215 Value too large for INTEGER data type.

1217 Format string specification larger than destination.

1218 Conversion error from character string to date.

1222 Value too large for SMALLFLOAT data type.

1223 Value too large for FLOAT data type.

1225 Variable does not accept a NULL value.

1226 Precision overflow on DECIMAL or MONEY value.

1227 Can not find message file.

1228 Can not find message number.

1229 Message file corrupted or incompatible.

1231 Can not read message file.

1232 The message is larger than the buffer size.

1235 Data too large for character variable.

1250 Can not create pipes.

1254 Can not connect to remote host.

1257 Can not fork process for DBMS.

1260 There is no conversion between the specified data types.

1261 Start field of datetime or interval has extra digits.

1262 Datetime or interval contains non numeric character.

1263 Datetime or interval field out of range.

1264 End field of datetime or interval has extra characters.

1265 Overflow during operation on DATETIME or INTERVAL data types.

1266 Datetimes or intervals are incompatible for the operation.

1267 Precision overflow on DATETIME or INTERVAL operation.

1268 Datetime or interval qualifier not valid.

1269 There is no conversion to BLOB.

1270 Minus sign in interval literal.

1271 Datetime or interval requires decimal point for fraction specification.