Having imported my program into ‘HydraStudio’, it now acts differently.

My program can’t find required files

When you import your old programs into ‘HydraStudio’, you will also need to reference the associated files for your project. These files can include additional 4GL or form source files, unload (UNL) files, text files or config files for your program.

Text, Config & Unload (UNL) files

To reference text files in your Project, right click the ‘Text Files’ folder of your corresponding program and select ‘Insert’, then select your required files and click OK.
Tip: By holding down the Ctrl or Shift key, you can select multiple files.
‘HydraStudio’ is capable of dealing with source and supporting files from various locations, although for the ease of program management and maintenance it is recommended that all associated project files be placed within sub-directories of the project source root. When the ‘HydraStudio’ “Install to GUI Server” option is used, or a program is run from ‘HydraStudio’ using one of the GUI clients, ‘HydraStudio’ will automatically copy all the required program files along with all specified support files to the server directory, mimicking the directory structure of the original files ensuring that your application is deployed correctly.
For example, if your project and programs are located in
and your unload files are located in
‘HydraStudio’ will create this directory UNL in the target application server directory and copy the corresponding files to it.