How to add additional licenses?

Adding More Developers.

To add more developers to the group of people already using Querix Tools, each developer needs to install a fully licensed version of the application on their own machine.
Developers will also need one database license for each type of database that they run applications on.

Adding More End Users.

Note: Before adding more runtime licenses you must delete any existing runtime licenses for the same version of Querix Tools that are on your system.
As a general rule any additional user will only need one additional runtime license. This will, however, vary with the number of application sessions that the users run concurrently. Each additional concurrent application session will need an additional runtime license.
To have your runtime license extended please contact requesting a new license file.

Deleting Licenses.

In order to upgrade your products from evaluation licenses to fully commercial licenses, or enhance the number of runtimes, you must first delete the evaluation licenses (if any) from your system.
Deleting licenses in a Windows environment can be done in License Manager. Licenses can be deleted within the NT Licenses window that is displayed by selecting the license and then clicking the ‘license’ menu button and then ‘delete’.
Deleting licenses in a Unix/Linux environment can be done using the licensegen tool. First of all log in as root and source the environment file ‘environ’ in $QUERIXDIR. You can then run licensegen. To delete a license use the cursor to select the license and then press ‘D’ and then confirm the deletion.
Note: If the license is in use at the time you will not be able to delete the license.

Activating Licenses.

For information on how to activate a license please click here.