How to work with Hydra projects in Lycia

To work with existing Hydra projects, first import them into Lycia workspace. Simple copying will not help – Lycia cannot recognize such files.

To import a project into Lycia workspace, go to File ->Import ->4GL ->’HydraStudio’ project’ menu, then click Browse and select the .qx2 file located in the root folder of your Hydra project. Once done, select Finish. The project will be imported either into your workspace or created outside it (you can select the corresponding option).

In Lycia, the special system files will be created with all the previous information contained in the Hydra project. All source files will be put in the ‘source’ folder, with the subfolder structure saved. All the forms will be imported in text format but they can be freely converted into the graphical format during the import. To perform it, you will need to select the corresponding option in the Import dialog or any time later by means of DDE options.