I Can not Install Querix Tools for Linux/Unix.

I cannot unpack/extract compressed file (unix/linux)

The Linux/Unix compiler is a compressed tar archive. It can only be extracted with the tools ‘uncompress’ and ‘tar’ (unzip will not recognise the file format).
Either, uncompress and tar the file:

  • uncompress file.tar.Z
  • tar xvf file.tar

Or, if you are using GNU tar, perform both with the tar command

  • tar zxvf file.tar.Z

I cannot run/execute the installer (unix/linux)

I cannot install any Querix tools
Run the installer in the extracted directory by typing within the Querix directory:

  • ./installqx

Chimera will not install correctly

Chimera requires a Java runtime engine. Download the latest version of the free Java Runtime Engine from Java.Sun.com and install it before installing Chimera.

My installer does not execute, or terminates abnormaly

Download the installer again and re-run the installation. If you get the same error again, please contact Querix technical support.