I Cannot Execute/Run my Compiled Programs.

In Phoenix or Chimera

Program not installed to GUI server

For a program to run in GUI mode, it has to be available from the GUI server directory.
If the client is reporting that the application name is invalid, then one possible problem is that the program has not been correctly installed to the GUI Server.
By default, the program directory for Windows is:
c:\program files\querix\progs
Check the contents of this directory to confirm that your application’s binary (that is, the .exe file) and all its related files are located in this directory.
The easiest way to deploy an application to the GUI server’s program directory is by using Hydra Studio. Simply load the project, build it and deploy it.

  1. From the Hydra Studio menu bar choose ‘Build’.
  2. In the drop down list, select ‘Install All to GUI Server’.
  3. Select your application server from the list and click OK.

Alternatively, you can Rebuild your project (Menu > Build > Rebuild All), and double click the program name (.exe). In the run-dialog box select ‘Phoenix’ or ‘Chimera’ and click the ‘Run’ button.
This will install the application to the server and execute Phoenix/Chimera to test your installation.


Firewalls can sometimes interrupt the network traffic required for the GUI client to communicate with the application. If this is the cause of your problem, it will be necessary to adjust the firewall rules to allow access to port 1589 (if you are using the default listener configuration) on the application server.
NOTE: Ports 1689 and 1691 are used in Hydra 4.3
Some firewalls also need configuring (such as Symantec/Norton) to allow Phoenix & Chimera to connect to an application server.

GUI Server is not working/configured/running

You can check whether the client PC is able to connect to the application server. The quickest test is to telnet to the host on port 1589, for example, in a command line window type:
telnet localhost 1589
If the telnet connection opens, and responds with
qxinetif: Hello
then the GUI server is responding correctly. There are numerous reasons why the GUI server may fail to respond; but the most common will be:

  • Wrong host/port
  • Firewall
  • GUI server is not running
  • Database connection problems
  • Incorrect host/port/application details in the .qxs file
  • Incorrect GUI server environment settings

To Test the GUI Application Server in Hydra Studio

In the project tree, click the ‘GUI Servers’ Tab (next to the File Tab).
You should now see an entry ‘querix (1589)’ with a green tick. The port number 1589 is the default port, which you may have changed to a different port during the installation.
If there is a red cross, the GUI application server is not running, or is blocked by some other software such as the firewall.

To Validate the GUI Application Server SERVICE on Windows

  1. In the Windows Task Bar click
    Start > Administrative Tasks > Services
  2. If you cannot see the ‘Administrative Tasks’ menu item, you can display it by configuring your task bar.
    1. Right-click on the task bar (not on a button)
    2. Choose Properties
    3. ‘ Select the Start Menu’ Tab
    4. Choose ‘Customize’
    5. Select the ‘Advanced’ Tab
    6. Click ‘System Administrative Tools’ radio button, and check, if the service qxinetd is running (‘STARTED’).
  3. This service should start automatically (Startup type: Automatic)
  4. If it is not running, start it manually.

To Validate the GUI Application Server on UNIX

Be sure that your Application server is running.
You can check it on Unix OS using the console command:
$ /etc/init.d/qxinetd2 status
if the output is: “No GUI Server processes are running”, you have to restart the Application server using the console command:
$ /etc/init.d/qxinetd2 restart
You must have root permissions to restart the Application server or you can us ‘sudo’ command:
$ sudo /etc/init.d/qxinetd2 restart

Program Runs in Text Mode but not in GUI Mode

Sometimes programs, which work correctly when running in text mode, may behave differently when running in GUI mode (for example, they may be unable to connect to a database). In circumstances such as this, the problem is usually a result of differences in the process environment.
The GUI server, by default, runs all programs under a fixed user ID and fixed environment. The GUI server environment can be configured through Hydra Studio, in the GUI server configuation panel (select the GUI Server tab next to the project file tree).