I cannot get the correct date format.

In order to get the expected date format you will need to set the variable DBDATE in your environment, the value of this variable depends on the expected format of the date.
For example if you would like the date to appear dd-mm-yyyy the value of the variable should be set to ‘dmy4-‘.

To add something to the environment in ‘HydraStudio’, run ‘HydraStudio’ and select the tab labled ‘GUI Server’ and click on the environment file below. Then click the ‘add’ button and add the variable ‘DBDATE’ and give it a value of ‘dmy4-‘ and click the save button. If you do not click the save button this change will not take effect.

To add something to the environment using the command line you will need to edit the file ‘$QUERIXDIR/environ’ and add the line “DBDATE=dmy4-” and save the file. You will then need to source this file again for the changes to take effect. This is done by running the command “. environ” (dot space environ) in the $QUERIXDIR.