I cannot setup my environment in Unix.

When Hydra is installed there is a file put into the $QUERIXDIR that is called ‘environ’. This is a config file that will set the $LD_LIBRARY_PATH and $PATH. This file can be accessed at any time. The way to use this file is to use this command:
fullstop, space, ‘environ’

The command above will only work in the hydra directory, however you can use it outside of the hydra if you use:
.[space][full file path]
fullstop, space, full path of the file.

You need to source the file for this to work and not execute the file. If you do execute the file the changes will not be made.
This will only work for the user that you are logged on as at the time. If you wish for it to take effect for all users you will have to add the above command into the default profile file.