I have a problem with displaying non-Latin letters.

When I try to display some non-Latin letters (like German umlauts or line drawing characters) all umlauts are rendered as two characters, like “~N” or “~D”.

Hydra Studio running on Unix/Linux uses ISO8859 encodings for displaying characters. To solve the issues with displaying German symbols follow next steps:

  • Make sure that console character set is defined as ISO8859. Set up LC_ALL environment variable to de_DE@euro or de_DE.ISO-8859-1 or de_DE.ISO-8859-15 and use ‘locale’ command to see current locale. Use ‘locale -a’ command to see locales that are installed on your system. In case of need refer to your operation system manual to get more information about how to install locales in your system.
  • Make sure that 4GL source files are encoded with same character set with console. To display and edit 4GL source files in Hydra Studio editor use Hydra Studio main menu “Build->Project Settings” than select “Editor Settings” tab and define appropriate “Character Set” and “Font”.