Run ‘HTML and JNLP Creator’.

The Java Webstart ‘HTML & JNLP Creator’ Configuration Tool is a tool to create an easy way to access your programs.
Orginally the JNLP & HTML creation tool was two programs but since Hydra 4.22 they have been intergrated into a single program


The ‘HTML & JNLP Creator’ tool comes with Chimera and is by default installed in the directory:
C:\Program Files\Querix\Chimera\HtmlCreate.jar
You can run it from the start menu
Start -> Querix -> Tools -> HTML & JNLP Creator
or from the command line
C:\Program Files\Querix\Chimera\HtmlCreate.jar


The ‘HTML & JNLP Creator’ tool on Unix is executed through a shell script. The start shell script ‘jnlpcreate’ is installed in:
You can run it from the menu bar in Hydra Studio
Menu bar -> Tools -> Jnlp Create
or from the Unix shell
$ jnlpcreate
Should it not execute, either the the jar file is corrupted (re-install chimera) or your Java runtime is corrupted.
Here are some steps to using ‘HTML & JNLP creator’:

  1. When the program is started you will be asked to enter the application name, port number and host name of the application you want to connect to.
  2. On the next screen you will be asked to give the application a name, author and the location to which the chimera.jar file will be (this is not where it is saved to but the http://…… location).
  3. On the next screen you can select a theme and if you want to run your program in an applet(you can also select the size of the applet window at this point).
  4. After this you have the choice to create a .jnlp file or a .html file.
  5. Once an option is selected you can the select the location for the file to be created. Once the directory is selected the file is created and is ready to be used.