Run ‘HydraStudio’.

Run ‘HydraStudio’ IDE

From the Startmenu -> programs, choose ‘Querix’ followed by ‘HydraStudio’.
In the shell enter ‘hstudio’, this is located in $QUERIXDIR/bin.

Can’t start Studio on Unix/Linux. X server is refusing connection

‘HydraStudio’ requires access to an X windows system. It is possible that the default access permissions for the X server will not allow you to open a connection. If you are receiving errors of the form:
cannot connect to 0:0: connection refused
log in as root, and execute
xhost +
to allow access rights to the X windows session.

Environment isn’t set up

There are a number of potential problems under this category. The first is that the basic environment variables for running Querix haven’t been setup. cross-reference ‘environ’
NOTE: ‘environ’ is located in $QUERIXDIR
It is also necessary to ensure that the environment variable DISPLAY has been set correctly. For example
export DISPLAY
It is also important to check that $QUERIXDIR is set to the correct directory.