Run License Manager.

You can start the License Manager from:

  • ‘HydraStudio’
    In the menu bar, choose Tools followed by Manage Existing Licenses.
  • Command Line / Shell
    Change to the ‘bin’ directory located in the Querix directory and enter ‘NTLicense.exe’ for Windows and ‘licensegen’ for Unix/Linux.

Problem executing the License Manager on Linux/Unix

The License manager gives me error -1110.

If you are running the license manager as root, then your environment will be different to that of a normal user.The Unix license manager requires the environment to be set correctly so that it is able to locate its form files.
At the very least, the environment variable QUERIXDIR must be set for the license manager to work correctly. Or you can source the users environment from the ‘environ’ file located in $QUERIXDIR (hydra base directory).