Run Phoenix.

Phoenix can be executed via the windows start menu
Start -> Querix -> Phoenix
or via the command line (shell)


phoenix [-h host] [-p port] [-version] command

  • -h host specify a host to connect to
  • -p port specify a port to connect to
  • -v print version and exit
  • command Application Binary File name

Example 1:

Phoenix is installed in the default directory and you want to run it to enter the connection properties in the connection dialog box, enter:
C:\Program Files\Querix\Phoenix>phoenix

Example 2:

To start Phoenix with the application guidemo, with the application server located on the server my_app_server, and with the querix GUI server port 1689 enter:
C:\Program Files\Querix\Phoenix>phoenix -h my_app_server -p 1789

I start Phoenix correctly, but nothing happens or I get an error message on missing or corrupted files

Re-install Phoenix and if the problem persists, contact Querix
Note: You may need to configure your firewall to enable Phoenix and the application server port