Runtime/Compiler errors.

I always get error number -329

Error number -329 can occur for a number of reasons. This may be an error returned from the database engine, but it may also be because Hydra is failing to load the interface for the database you are trying to use. One of the common reasons for this, is that the necessary pre-requisites for working with the database are not present.

Informix OnLine/SE

The Informix SDK is unable to load the file $INFORMIXDIR/msg/citoxmsg.pam. Check the value of the environment variable INFORMIXDIR.

The Informix server specified in the environment is not recognised. This could either be that the environment variable $INFORMIXSERVER has not been set, or that the value specified is not found in $INFORMIXDIR/etc/sqlhosts

If you are using Informix SE, then it is most likely that the database cannot be located in the directories specified in the environment variable DBPATH, or that you do not have the required priviledges to access/read the database files. Check the setting for $DBPATH, and the ‘grant’ privileges given to the user you are connecting as.

The Informix connection is unable to validate the user/password for this connection. If you are using the legacy Querix connection method, then you can set the environment variable INFORMIXPASS to the correct password. If you are using the native Informix method, then check the password settings in setnet32 (setnet32 only exists in the Windows environment).


Oracle connections need to map an Informix database name to an Oracle user. The specifics of this are best described in the Database guides under documentation.
In general, with Oracle connections, it is best to ensure that the environment variables ORACLE_SID and ORACLE_HOME are set correctly.

SQL Server

Few connection problems are associated with SQL Server. If you are having problems, it is first necessary to ensure that you have created a DSN for the database connection, and that the instance is available.
If you are having connect problems in GUI mode only, then it is possibly due to the user ID of the process.