SSL Tool Guide.

In /SSL/misc there is a file called ‘’, by running the command “./ -?” it will display the various switches. In order to create the certificate, run the command “./ –newreq”, then you will be prompted to enter the information for the certificate.
NOTE:Make sure that all of the prompts are answered, otherwise the certificate cannot be created.
Once all prompts are answered, a file called ‘newreq.pem’ will be created. This file will contain the private and public keys. Make a copy of this file in the same directory naming the file ” privatekeyenc.pem”. The information in these files are separated by start and end markers and a label in the middle of each describing which one is the private key and which one is the public key. In the ‘privatekey.pem’ file you need to delete the public key information. In ‘vi’ you can delete a line by pressing ‘D’ twice. Once the public key information is deleted from the ‘privatekey.pem’ file, you need to go into the ‘newreq.pem’ file and delete all the private key information and then save the file. Send the ‘newreq.pem’ file to or one of our partners to the certificate to be signed.
Please check the ‘Hydra4GL’ Developers guide, which will explains how to use the certificates with ‘Hydra4GL’.