Use an Application Written with FourGen.

Using ‘Hydra4GL’ with applications developed through Fourgen

You can use ‘Hydra4GL’ to work with applications developed in Fourgen.
For the most part, the migration process should simply be a case of:
* Recompiling the FourGen libraries with Hydra4GL
* Rebuilding your application
For the most part, the Fourgen libraries should compile without any problems, however in the past there some customers have experienced small issues with the Fourgen C (lib_c) library. Any issues that arise with this library can normally be resolved fairly simply however as this library tends to vary between different versions of FourGen We are unable to offer specific advise without examining any errors that are produced.

Fourgen Libraries

While most of the libraries will compile without problem, you may have a few minor problems with the Fourgen C library (lib_c).
Since this library varies between versions of Fourgen, it would be difficult to provide specific advice here. Please contact Querix support ( for further information.