Use login in my program.

First thing to check is that there is a directory called ‘login’ and within this directory a file called ‘login.qxs’ in $QUERIXDIR/progs. You need to make sure that the directory (and contents) are owned by ‘root’ (if not run command ‘chown text -R’) and the permissions on the directory and files are 4555(setuid), if they are not you can change this by running command ‘chmod 4555 test -R’ from the $QUERIXDIR/progs directory.
NOTE: If the test directory is not in the $QUERIXDIR/progs directory you can copy it from $QUERIXDIR and paste it into the $QUERIXDIR/progs directory.
When you come to run the program instead of using ‘./(program name)’, run the command ‘login ./(program name)’ which will invoke the login screen.