4GL App Analyser: Journey Through Your Code

A totally new way to visually map and generate documentation for your code.

4GL App Analyser is a toolbox developed to automatically generate documentation for your 4GL application.

With 4GL App Analyser you will be able to provide developers with complete and organized information about functionality embedded within your source code.

Map Out Your Code

The 4GL App Analyser parses your app’s code and lays out the structure visually in a way that’s very easy to interpret. The roles of different functions, as well as relationships between functions, are suddenly very clear to see. When working on legacy code from a predecessor, a tool like this is priceless.

Generate Interactive Documentation

Writing documentation for you applications can be long and arduous task, especially when the people who wrote the original code are no longer available. With the App Analyser, you can generate interactive documentation automatically based on comments within the code, and based on the structure.

Using a wide range of configuration options and an extensive set of special commands within comment blocks allows you to tailor the documentation output to your most sophisticated requirements.

A Code Index For Your Projects

Create indexes to simplify searching for information. With two search engines to choose from, and with the ability to combine the search data of multiple projects into one index, this is a powerful time-saving tool.

GUI Form Viewer

Understanding the form layout is an added complication when familiarising yourself with new code. With the App Analyser, you can visually view the form structure straight from the generated documentation. Forms are even interactive, showing which kinds of inputs can be accepted by form boxes, and how they are displayed to the user.

Include Info About Your DB Structure

For completeness, you can even include information about your database structure into your documentation. This should serve as a good reference point for your developers.

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