Lycia 4GL Compiler

In-depth Insight Into Your Code

Lycia 4GL Compiler

In-depth Insight Into Your Code

Get a handle on your 4GL source code quickly and effectively

Provide developers with complete and organized information about functionality embedded within your source code

Easy to use

  • Zero learning curve — any developer can do it
  • Intuitive GUI enables efficiency and keeps focus on a job

Extensive audit of your source code

  • Identify and investigate system dependencies
  • Understand deeper application details
  • Bring new developers up to speed quickly
  • Save time spent on manual peer reviews
  • Protect business continuity

SaaS solution

  • No installation or setup required
  • No manual update – you always have the latest version of software
  • All information is extracted directly from the source code
  • No developer downtime

Ins and Outs of your Functions and Reports

  • Complete list of all functions and reports
  • Function specifics: parameters, callee and caller views for direct and indirect function calls, table usage, link to a function source in your code

Data Structures

  • Comprehensive overview of your Database
  • Table specifics: caller view for direct and indirect table usage, columns, links to related functions

We are now actively revamping 4GL Analyzer to make it the ultimate SaaS solution for static 4GL code analysis and documenting, with the drastically improved user experience.

Contribute to the 4GL Analyzer evolution and tell us about the features you would absolutely love to have!