Lycia 3: The Modern 4GL Compiler

4GL has been around since the 1980s, and a great deal of investment has been made in writing still functioning programs.
1980s languages, though good, do not satisfy today’s requirements.
Lycia 3 lets you easily augment your old 4GL applications with modern-day features.

Lycia is an all-in-one software suite that edits, compiles and deploys the Informix 4GL language and forms of your legacy applications, and executes them in a modern and technologically open context.

The generated code is platform-independent. Applications are compiled once and executed on different platforms without any additional components.

Cloud Features

  • Use your 4GL app for calling the external services,
  • Turn your 4GL app into a web service accessible under any programming language,
  • Seamlessly integrate your 4GL app into the enterprise application within heterogeneous environment,
  • Make your 4GL app part of a large cloud service without time-consuming custom coding.

Exposing a web service in your app is as simple as defining the function in the code with the ‘web_’ prefix. Lycia automatically handles the rest of the setup, to ensure your web service adheres to the REST architectural style.

Any 4GL application and function can be published as a web service, and any 4GL function can utilize any REST web service. The Lycia REST Interface converts HTTP requests to 4GL function calls, interaction statement actions, and field updates.

Lycia leaves an open door to the integration of other popular languages such as Java, Python, Ruby, C++, C#, D, Swift, and more…

Graphic Form Designer

Form Designer allows you to build up your form in visual WYSIWYG editor, and then generates simple & clear XML which you can easily modify at any time.

The form preview in the design area updates in real time, even when changes are made manually to the XML. Lycia supports the round-trip editing of design and code view and always keeps them in sync.

You can easily style your forms using custom CSS, or more simply by applying themes.

All previous form formats are automatically upgraded to our simple XML format and can then be manipulated using the graphic form designer.


BIRT reports are fully integrated into the Lycia suite: the LyciaStudio IDE contains the BIRT designer Eclipse plugin, while Lycia can compile code in your 4GL application which retrieves BIRT reports straight from a BIRT server at runtime, either using a URL or the BIRT API.

Due to its wide range of analytical tools, BIRT supports day-to-day and strategic business both at the decision-making and operational levels.

With a rich set of intuitive enterprise tools, BIRT offers interactive report creation and customization against a wide range of data sources.


Interface with Java/C++

Expand on your existing 4GL source code not only in 4GL, but also in C++ and Java. Lycia can interface with Java code using the JNI interface, as well as C++.
Simply compile the C++/Java code with a native compiler and load the resulting .dll or .jar files into your 4GL code.


Single Form Format

Design all your forms in Lycia with a single XML format. Even your old Genero forms are converted to our single format, making your existing code simpler to work with.

Database Independence

At Querix, we firmly believe that data is data, independent of what kind of database structure it is stored in. That’s why any applications compiled with Lycia can connect to any kind of database.

Compatibility with Genero

We’d like you to be able to try Lycia as soon as possible; That’s why we’ve designed Lycia to import and compile Genero code from any version of Genero. If it compiles in Genero, it compiles in Lycia


We love to work and sell Lycia because it really is a smart, innovative and reliable product. Lycia allows an unexpectedly high ROI by preserving your invaluable applications that have been working for years, while turning them into modern applications, highly integrated with Desktop, Mobile and Cloud technologies. This all happens with minimal migration effort: the application code remains the same and works ‘as is’, you just have to, if you wish, dedicate a very reasonable amount of time to customize the application visual layout.

We particularly love the aggressive licensing model and price grid.
We enjoy working with Querix because their constant innovations are safely and smoothly taking us way beyond the point where Informix 4GL has stopped growing.

Eric Vercelletto

President, Guide-SHARE France, groupe Informix

I have worked with the Querix team for many years and have always been impressed with their dedication to their customers and to the integrity and quality of the product. It has always seemed that when you purchase Lycia or any of their other products you aren’t buying software but are being granting membership in the Querix family. Because of this attitude of being a single team with their customers, problems get resolved quickly and customer ideas and feature requests are accepted and acted upon. They care and that goes a long way towards the level of customer satisfaction we enjoy.

Art S. Kagel

President, ASK Database Management

People ask me why I choose Lycia over other i4GL-compatible tools. From a Developer point of view, if you come from legacy i4GL or other 4GL background, you have the advantage of already knowing the programming language, so switching to Lycia is a very smooth road to walk. If you come from another programing language, be it procedural or object-oriented, the programming language is very easy to learn: in my own experience it took me just a month to become proficient. If you are more comfortable with platforms such as C or Java and you feel that certain aspects of your program would be easier to code in C or Java, you still can do that with the interfaces Lycia provides.

In plain words with Lycia you get an easy to learn yet powerful programing language, interfaces to Java and C, plus built-in Web services tools, a fully featured IDE, Desktop and Web Deployment, access to CVS systems from the IDE, compatibility with Windows, Linux, and MAC OS (even other Operating Systems if you need them) and, compared to its competitors, Lycia generates binary executable files, not p-code. Beyond the programing tasks, the management of the source code and the deployment to your production server is as easy as two mouse clicks.

From a Business point of view, if you have a classic 4GL system you probably still use it. Despite how “ugly” the interface is, you use because it works and it solves your information problems. It may be an old text-based application but it works. What if you need to modernize it, but paying for a completely new development and the time it requires is not an option to you? What can be done? Enter Lycia.

Imagine that you have a reliable 70’s car that you love because it was your first brand new car; it’s comfortable, powerful and gets you everywhere you need. You use it daily to get to your clients and vendors, but all of a sudden, you are not allowed to use it on public roads anymore because the engine does not have Web Services. You need to find a way to bring the Web Services to your legacy car or get a new one. Workshops offer to develop a new engine with Web Services but the price for the engine alone is pretty much the same as buying a whole new car. As if the price was not already a problem, you also still need to test the car to ensure that the new engine does the same that the last one did with the same results.

Lycia will take your trusted 70’s car engine as it is and add Web Services to it (and more). It would be like adding a new exhaust, with the advantage that you can decide when and how to attach it.

Ivan Vega Herrera

CEO, VH Interactive Studios

Modernize Apps While Saving Money

Lycia support fees are on average 30% cheaper than Genero.
From Day 1, compile your existing code with Lycia and begin saving money.

*Until you purchase additional Lycia Runtime Licenses for each user, apps compiled with LyciaStudio will run only on the same computer where they were compiled.