Lycia 4GL Compiler

The rebirth of Informix 4GL

Lycia 4GL Compiler

The rebirth of Informix 4GL

All-in-one software suite for designing, compiling and deploying the Informix 4GL apps

Maximize the technical capacity of your classic apps or set off on the new development.
Run your 4GL apps in a modern and technologically open context.

Why Lycia?

Recompile an Informix 4GL app, get zero to none errors and present it on a GUI client that runs on a multitude of platforms

Original I4GL app

Informix 4GL app screen

Lycia app

Lycia app screen

Rich GUI

  • Cross-platform Desktop Client
  • Cross-browser Web Client
  • Highly customizable (CSS3, HTML5, Themes)

Database Agnostic

  • Informix
  • Oracle
  • MS SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • DB2
  • PostgreSQL

Eclipse based Graphical IDE

  • Project Manager
  • Visual Debugger
  • Version Control
  • Code Editor
  • GUI Form Designer

Built-in Extensions

  • Web Services API
  • Interface with Java/C/C++
  • Utils/Math API
  • ZeroMQ

Backward compatible with I4GL

Compile your classic 4GL app with Lycia and use it “as is”:

  • No changes to the source code
  • Original forms
  • Intact business logic

Develop once, deploy anywhere

  • Lycia converts 4GL source code into Intermediate Representation (IR)
  • IR is cross-platform, independent of the source and target languages
  • During deployment, IR gets translated into the native machine codes optimized for execution on a target machine

Lycia goes with the neutral system theme out of the box.
Create your own and customize the look and feel of your apps or even go for their complete rebranding.

Lycia provides a wide choice of interface components, including those essential for smooth conversion of classic 4GL applications.

Futures and Streams

Async programming

N-Tier Architecture

Scalable, flexible, secure

Headless Mode

For batch operations

Genero Compatible

If it compiles in Genero, it compiles in Lycia

Cloud Features

  • Call the external services from your 4GL app or turn the app itself into a web service.
  • Make it part of a large cloud service without time-consuming custom coding.
  • Expose a web service in your app by simply defining the function in the code with the ‘web_’ prefix.
    Lycia automatically handles the rest of the setup, to ensure your web service adheres to the REST architectural style.
  • Open the door to the integration of other popular languages such as Java, Python, Ruby, C++, C#, D, Swift, and more…
Lycia REST Interface

Graphic Form Designer

Lycia Form Designer
  • Build up your form in visual editor, and Form Designer will generate simple & clear XML for you
  • The form preview in the design area updates in real time, even when changes are made manually to the XML. Lycia supports the round-trip editing of design and code view and always keeps them in sync
  • Easily style your forms using CSS or by applying themes


  • BIRT reports are fully integrated into the Lycia suite: design reports in LyciaStudio and retrieve them straight from a BIRT server at runtime either by using an URL or BIRT API
  • With its wide range of analytical tools, BIRT supports day-to-day and strategic business both at the decision-making and operational levels.
  • BIRT offers interactive report creation and customization against a wide range of data sources
Lycia BIRT

“Lycia allows an unexpectedly high ROI by preserving your invaluable applications that have been working for years, while turning them into modern applications”

Eric Vercelletto Member of the Board of Directors of IIUG, President at Guide-SHARE France, groupe Informix

“It has always seemed that when you purchase Lycia or any of their other products you aren’t buying software but are being granting membership in the Querix family”

Art S. Kagel President and Principal Consultant at ASK Database Management

“With Lycia you get an easy to learn yet powerful programing language, interfaces to Java and C, plus built-in Web services tools, a fully featured IDE, Desktop and Web Deployment, access to CVS systems from the IDE, compatibility with Windows and Linux, and, compared to its competitors, Lycia generates binary executable files, not p-code”

Ivan Vega Herrera CEO at VH Interactive Studios

Ready to reimagine your 4GL?