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Lycia 3

The Modern 4GL Compiler just got better.

Give your classic 4GL app new life, extend it with new features and modules, or develop a whole new app with Lycia.

4GL App Analyser

A totally new way to visually map and generate documentation for your code.


Full support is available without charge during evaluation period.

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There are companies and products with which you HAVE to work, and companies and products with which you LOVE to work. Querix and Lycia are a company and product with which we LOVE to work.We love to work and sell Lycia because it really is a smart, innovative and reliable product.

Lycia allows an unexpectedly high ROI by preserving your invaluable applications that have been working for years, while turning them into modern applications, highly integrated with Desktop, Mobile and Cloud technologies. This all happens with minimal migration effort: the application code remains the same and works ‘as is’, you just have to, if you wish, dedicate a very reasonable amount of time to customize the application visual layout.

We particularly love the aggressive licensing model and price grid, which eliminates the feeling “Yes, I do not want to rewrite my applications from scratch, but I also don’t want to invest so much on licenses just to revamp them”.

With Lycia, not only you spend a very reasonable amount of money for licenses and IDE, but your applications can now connect to modern technologies such as Java, Birth, Cloud, Mobile, and with more to come. Your applications’ evolution will not stop there, they are ready for more innovation and expansion.

Finally we love working with Querix because they REALLY listen to the customers’ needs and requests and because they have a certain ethics of making business which is based on mutual interest and respect. We would be frustrated to work with a company we HAVE to work with, but we enjoy working with Querix because their constant innovations are safely and smoothly taking us way beyond the point where Informix 4GL has stopped growing.

Eric Vercelletto

President, Guide-SHARE France, groupe Informix

Working with Querix’s support team is like having a personal tutor – they make your problems theirs. Let me give you an example: in one of my installations, Lycia was unable to connect to a MySQL database. Apparently I had everything set up: Lycia, the database drivers, the database software. I couldn’t get it working. When I asked support, I was given a Skype conference where I was guided through a step by step configuration checklist. After checking each step, the problem was still there.


With other companies, at that point the support line would say “I already checked my checklist and it’s all correct, the problem is not with my product”, but with Querix the support goes beyond. After the checklist revision, the support team asked me to start a Team Viewer session to check my local environment, and then the problem became clear: I had differences in “bits” versions of the software, i.e. the Lycia installation was 32-bit and the database was 64-bit, so I had to make them the same.

Querix’s support team does not assume that you know 4GL, but rather they guide you if you’re unsure how to achieve your programming goals. They recommend which tools to use, how to use them etc. In short, what I like about the way Querix treats their partners and customers is that their mentality is “How can I help you”.

Ivan Vega Herrera

CEO, VHis - Software

I have known Mehdi as a committed and dedicated producer of development tools. The Querix Lycia product is well thought out and well supported from a user standpoint.

Art Kagel

Principal Consultant, ASK Database