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Expanding Our Video Section

Expanding Our Video Section

Warmest greetings! Today we’re bringing you the news about the exploration and learning you can take to start a new chapter in your projects, enhanced with Lycia toolkit. Lycia products, especially Lycia VS Code Extension (LVSCE), have a profound set of learning...

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“There are companies and products with which you HAVE to work, and companies and products with which you LOVE to work. Querix and Lycia are a company and product with which we LOVE to work”

Eric Vercelletto
Member of the Board of Directors of IIUG, President at Guide-SHARE France, groupe Informix

“It has always seemed that when you purchase Lycia or any of their other products you aren’t buying software but are being granting membership in the Querix family”

Art S. Kagel
President and Principal Consultant at ASK Database Management

“Working with Querix’s support team is like having a personal tutor – they make your problems theirs”

Ivan Vega Herrera
CEO at VH Interactive Studios