Greetings, and welcome to our new documentation update! It’s so nice to have you here, and we’re hoping that your day has already brought you something great!

A bunch of new things to introduce to you:

New Environment Variable for Web Services Output Format: QX_WEB_RETURN_VALUES

The QX_WEB_RETURN variable controls the format of the values returned by the web service function: as an array, as is, and as an object. Read more here: QX_WEB_RETURN_VALUES.

Informix Commands: Analogs in Lycia

Now we have a schema of how Lycia commands correspond to the commands in Informix and RDS. Rest assured: not only do we have the tools and a broad set of commands for compilation, linking, and running applications, but also the Lycia VS Code Extension to transform VS Code into an IDE specifically for 4GL developers. Learn it in detail here: Correspondence of Informix and Lycia Tools and Commands.

ScrollBar Plugin for Fake Tables

We have a tool for compiling legacy .per form files and for enhancing them by conversion into XML .fm2 form files (which you then can customize using XML and extend further with CSS). The .per forms with large arrays that serve as tables have their layout preserved after the conversion. For the application user to navigate the form conveniently, we’ve added a ScrollBar with all the familiar navigation: scrolling through separate records or instantly moving to another view. See it here: ScrollBar Plugin for Fake Tables.

Lycia LowCode: The ‘zooms’ Setting

Lycia LowCode tackles increasingly complex tasks, bringing the best features for the digital transformation of 4GL apps. Now we have a setting for search from the lookup values, which you can add to your programs. Get to know this setting here: Zooms.

Lycia VS Code Extension: Update for the FGL Project Explorer

The set of quick actions, residing on the FGL Project Explorer, has a new option. With it, you can invoke the creation of new programs or libraries with one button click. To acquaint yourself with the new feature, refer here: FGL Project Explorer’s Quick Actions.

Images in BlobViewer: Control the Aspect Ratio

Now, you can define the image behaviour at the program window change. Follow the link to observe: Blob Images and Aspect Ratio.

Report Styling for Report View and Printing

We took care of a customized appearance of classic 4GL reports with the means of CSS. Follow the link to learn how: Report Styling.