We continue our hard work, and today we want to tell you about the following:

  1. Lycia LowCode, your Low-Code assistant for reducing repeatable coding tasks, now has extra settings. First, we have gone next level for interactions in 4GL apps by implementing full multiple tables support. Now you can access data for several database tables concurrently and use it within one interaction. Secondly, the interaction with one database now can be held with multiple sets (collections) of parameters, with each collection available for invoking by a program user with a certain interaction at runtime. Also, new settings provide more customization for interactions. To learn more, refer here: Lycia LowCode Settings;
  2. We’ve added a timeout to our Debugger. Now, you can set the length of your debugging session. To learn how to do it, visit the QX_DEBUGGER_TIMEOUT page;
  3. The ON CHANGE clause in Lycia can now monitor several or all fields. Acknowledge this improvement on the following page: ON CHANGE;
  4. Now you can specify which library to link first during the program linking using the parameter linkpos in .fgltarget file: find the details on The Structure of a Project in Lycia page;
  5. Get the data type of a variable or an object with the new method. Find more here: fgl_gettypename().

Try Lycia today and embrace the opportunities!