Meet Querix

Team Company Synergy  Vision


Open new avenues for software ecosystems without interfering with the source code


Become a leading provider of software solutions aimed at disrupting the technological lockouts


The winner of Innovation Award in UK. Awarded £0.25 M for design and development of Liberatii by Innovate UK

UK, DE and UA flags indicating the multi-national Querix team

Querix is a multi-cultural family hanging out in the United Kingdom, Germany and Ukraine

We are technology geeks and have been working in various areas of 4GL, ESQL/C, DBMS (Informix, Oracle, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Db2, etc.), data migration and transformation for over 20 years now.
Historically, Informix 4GL was only running against Informix databases. And Querix was the first to break new ground by introducing the multi-database architecture.

Ever since, our products have been evolving and maturing, staying focused on enhancing the technological capacities of Enterprise applications. We vigorously pursue the strategic principle of keeping the proven business logic safe and the source code untouched.

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Above all, we care about the quality of experience we provide to our clients through our products and services. And we do out utmost to improve it in every touch point.

The omnitude and versatility of our solutions is endorsed by diversity of our audience: information technology, media & entertainment, financials, manufacturing, local and state government, telecommunications, education and more.

Not only we aim for our products to be efficient and aesthetically pleasant but forming a robust and comprehensive suite.
Lycia is all you need to design, develop and deploy the platform-agnostic 4GL apps.
Liberatii allows for seamless and safe migration of your software systems to another RDBMS which you believe your company will benefit from.

As always, we promise to provide the highest quality and most personal support from our dedicated team.

Letter from the CEO

Picture of Querix CEO - Mehdi Afshar

“When we founded Querix™ in 1994, our aim was to provide developers with simple and productive tools to work with their databases. Today, Querix is the team of highly-skilled professionals who each share that original vision.

In addition to Lycia, our modern 4GL suite which embeds our one-of-a-kind 4GL static code analyzer, we introduced the groundbreaking Liberatii product.

Liberatii transforms applications to work with other database engines, without the need to change any code, or indeed even have access to the application source code. This award-winning product will save the users many man-years of redevelopment and enormous savings on TCO by simply switching to a less costly DBMS.    

We think these products really stand out as innovative in the current digital world. 

Querix is part of a group of family-run businesses. In all our practices we aim to:

  • Deliver quality.
  • Create savings for our customers.
  • Do selfless charitable deeds all over the world as much as possible.


With best regards,”

Signature of Mehdi Afshar

Mohammad Mehdi Afshar
CEO at Querix (UK) Ltd.