Seamless Migration from Oracle to Azure SQL

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Seamless Migration from Oracle to Azure SQL

Run your Oracle applications on Microsoft Azure SQL or SQL Server without touching the application source code using real-time SQL translation technology.

The winner of Innovation Award, UK

How does the migration work?

Our experts will perform a migration readiness assessment of your app and advise you on all the necessary arrangements to be made before the migration

Querix team will estimate the efforts required to do the migration and provide you with the personalized pricing and ETA

At the agreed time, Querix expert will get back to you to confirm the readiness to the migration. We will ensure all the preconditions are met, and assist you with installing and configuring Liberatii every step of the way

Liberatii will be running as a regular Windows service, which you can control through Windows Service Manager

  • Real-Time Query Translation
  • Data Integrity
  • No Source Code Recompilation
  • Real-Time Data Conversion
  • Secure Connection
  • Database Agnostic
  • Zero Downtime
  • Support Missing Types & Features
  • Reversion to Original Database

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Save Money On Database Licenses

Oracle licensing is not only complicated but also very expensive. Moving to less complex and less expensive databases such as Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL would be a better choice for most companies. By using Liberatii, you can easily migrate your Oracle applications to Microsoft SQL Server or similar databases without any hassle, and start saving on license fees immediately.

Code Once, Deploy Anywhere

It looks like a magic but this is exactly what Liberatii offers. You only need to develop your application in a supported database language and use a supported database driver. Then you don’t have to worry about your app migration anymore. Liberatii will migrate your app to any supported database without any code change or recompilation.

No Rocket Science

Whether you haven’t touched a line of code or you are a database guru, Liberatii is built for everyone. We have done our best to hide the complex translation and migration processes happening in the background so that users won’t be overwhelmed by the real-time app migration. DBT migrates database app in three simple steps which are much simpler than any other migration solution.

Real Time-Saver

it’s not just the licensing where you save money: Liberatii is a real-time application migration software which migrates your application “as is” to a new database. Because of that, you don’t need to develop your app in a new language, therefore you reduce the SDLC time. This means time is saved, and as the saying goes, “time is money”.


Which databases do you support?

Liberatii supports Oracle 11g to Microsoft SQL Server 2016 or Azure SQL at the moment.

How do I migrate my data/schema to a new database?

Liberatii offers a GUI and CLI to migrate data/schema from Oracle to Microsoft SQL Server.

What happens to the unsupported features or types?

All unsupported/missing features (PL/SQL, Sequences, etc) are supported by Liberatii on target database and apps won’t notice that.

How does Liberatii affect the app performance?

App performance depends mostly on target database performance and how the application code is written. Any degradation due to Liberatii is very negligible.

Can I migrate my legacy application to a new database?

Liberatii doesn’t need source code and can migrate legacy applications to new database

Does it matter in what language my app is written?

It doesn’t matter in which language your app is written. Liberatii can migrate your app as long as it is written for a supported database version and uses a supported driver.


Querix has partnered with Microlink PC (UK) Ltd, a leader in accessibility and assistive technology solutions to develop Liberatii. For all sale inquiries, please visit Liberatii homepage here.