Your 4GL applications may be big or even huge. The bigger they are and the more of them, the harder it is to understand the dependencies, nesting, detect the dead code and unnecessary program components.
Without knowing the insides of the source code of your 4GL application, its maintenance and update introduce more risks and involve more manual effort on researching, impact analysis, and testing.

This is exactly where our 4GL Analyzer comes in handy!

4GL Analyzer is a 4GL static code analysis tool which is built into LyciaStudio (available in the commercial licenses only).
It runs in the background and performs the complete audit of your 4GL project in a couple of hours, producing the nice-looking and intuitive .html output. Once generated, the analysis results open in LyciaStudio for you to review and make the adjustments to your source code along the way.
Though, you are also welcome to view the output in your preferred browser.

4GL Analyzer visualizes the code in various ways and currently handles

  • Project modules, functions and their parameters, callee and caller views for direct and indirect function calls (list and diagram view), table usage, indication of duplicates, and more
  • Database tables, caller view for direct and indirect table usage (list and diagram view), columns details, links to the related functions and modules

The plans are to extend its functionality to support tags, custom comments, forms, improve strategy of handling the dead code.
We are sure there are many more features to come.

4GL Analyzer is the intelligent tool that helps you understand your applications better.

Give it a try and share your feedback with us at!