Querix is happy to announce that our Low-Code engine is ready to meet you at IIUG Tech Talk!

We care about your success, that’s why we constantly aspire for giving you new opportunities and boosting up your work. Low-Code approach means receiving great results with less coding needed, and we found it an exciting idea. Our new product, Lycia LowCode, aims for making your usual processes go easier and faster so you can dedicate the freed-up time to more ambitious goals.

With Lycia LowCode, we provide the following benefits:

1. Simplified process: obtain the desired results quickly by utilising shortcuts, such as a form file and a single line of code;

2. Elimination of mundane tasks: we have taken care of all the tedious work so you didn’t have to worry about it;

3. Dynamic development environment: the Lycia LowCode platform differs from traditional code generators, offering a flexible and interactive space for development;

4. Reduced testing and maintenance: writing just a few lines of code translates to less testing and easier code upkeep;

5. Faster program development: by using Lycia LowCode, you can develop programs in shorter timeframes, allowing for more extensive planning horizons;

6. Smooth onboarding experience: transitioning to our enhanced development platform is a breeze, ensuring a seamless integration process;

7. Streamlined program support: enjoy the ease of supporting the programs you create using Lycia LowCode;

8. Modern UX approach: our platform embraces a contemporary approach to user experience design, resulting in a more user-friendly interface.

Register for the Tech Talk here: Lycia LowCode Presentation at IIUG Tech Talk