Developers universally prioritize certain attributes when selecting tools for their work, such as efficiency, performance, convenience, safety, customizability, and integration opportunities. These factors have become industry standards, and in the rapidly expanding technological landscape, staying ahead of competitors requires swift adaptation. Choosing the right software and technologies not only makes work easier and faster, but also positions one for technological and competitive leadership, ensuring a significant market share.
Visual Studio Code (VS Code) stands out as one of the most prominent Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) today, with over 70% of developers preferring it. Its versatility, lightweight design, speed, and multi-platform compatibility make it suitable for various projects, adhering to best practices and enriched with numerous extensions. One such extension, the Lycia VS Code Extension (LVSCE), takes the familiarity of VS Code and introduces a set of groundbreaking solutions for modern 4GL projects. Built on contemporary standards, LVSCE seamlessly integrates the advantages of the Lycia infrastructure into VS Code, offering a comfortable and feature-rich experience.
The commitment to enhancing the 4GL development experience has led to a comprehensive revamp of tools and the introduction of innovative features. Acquiring the Lycia VS Code Extension, along with Lycia itself, and obtaining a license opens up a host of benefits, including:
  • A modern approach to every aspect of 4GL development, ensuring compatibility with current standards and the transformation of legacy applications into future-ready solutions.
  • Local and remote development within the VS Code environment, featuring essential functionalities like 4GL code completion and code snippets.
  • 4GL-tailored explorers with all necessary operations at your fingertips, support for legacy formats, and integration with LyciaStudio projects.
  • Effortless importing and exporting with automatic project structure building/rebuilding and conversion tools for file formats like .per and .4fm.
  • A built-in 4GL debugging tool.
The Lycia VS Code Extension offers a broad toolset, supporting the creation of cloud-native apps, full Source Control, C/C++, and Java support, deployment of programs as web services with REST API, Kubernetes’ load balancing and scaling, Makefiles support, and a distributed messaging system.
Additionally, the Form Builder, an evolved version for effortless forms creation and configuration, offers full Material Design adoption, responsive form layout, and customization using XML and CSS.
Lycia itself provides a modular structure, allowing users to install only the components they need, create 4GL apps as web services using Lycia Web API, and access rich CLI tools, among other advantages.
Explore the smooth experience of project creation in LVSCE through the accompanying video:

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