Let’s raise a topic about Informix 4GL code compilation… or why Lycia 4GL Compiler makes developers’ lives much easier

Lycia 4GL compiler reads the source code written in 4GL and translates it into the native code that can be directly executed by the operating system. All programs are compiled to LLVM and use sophisticated optimisation techniques to achieve exceptional performance.

The first translation is performed during the stage, which we call, compilation proper, and the second translation is performed during the stage AOT compilation.

Below you can see the diagram graphically demonstrating how a source code is converted into an executable program, or, in other words, how Lycia components build and compile 4GL application.

The diagram shows that building starts from a single file or a number of files containing a source code (the files with the .4gl extension) and ends in an executable program (e.g., app_name.exe).

Thanks to the Lycia 4GL compiler, the process of compiling 4GL and C source files was never so simple.

The following unique features make Lycia 4GL Compiler so multifunctional and so powerful:

✅ All 4GL programs compiled by Lycia automatically become web services with a REST API.

✅ Availability of the services to the outside is up to the system manager.

✅ Hot deployment possibility of all such programs with no need to log off before update.

✅ Programs are containerised and float around the cloud with no need to inform the clients/end users.

✅ Automatic/Manual Load Balancing is easy to do using standard tools.

✅ The front end can be enhanced using CSS as well as other extensions in the language.

✅ All programs are Accessibility enabled and run through any standard modern browser.

✅ JSON, XML, Java integration, messaging, and Streaming are also part of the Lycia 4GL language.

✅ Other languages can easily interact with Lycia programs.

Lycia Compiler Digitally Transforms Your Informix 4GL Application