Dear Friends,

2021 Has been a controversial year. While some of our businesses have done well others have suffered. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has sadly taken away some of our family, friends, and colleagues.

I hope that year of 2022 will be an end to COVID-19 and that every one of you will have a fantastic, healthy, and prosperous year ahead and many more to follow.

For those of you who are in the IT sector, we did very well with Lycia Full Stack Development Framework, adding many features. Lycia is no longer looked at as a tool to bring Legacy applications to life, but also a great environment for new and fast running applications, with Hot Deployment and Automated Load Balancing for demanding applications on the web.

We also launched one of our products Liberatii Gateway as a new company. The Liberatii Gateway is set to help many companies for a faster move forward with their IT plans, saving them huge sums.

Best wishes,

Mohammad Mehdi Afshar
CEO at Querix (UK) Ltd.

Mehdi Afshar