We must admit we are getting a bit late with delivering a few items from the roadmap for H1 2018. Indeed, we expect our new installer and beta version of Material UI (for LyciaWeb only) to be available shortly in one of the next Lycia packages that you can find on the Lycia Downloads page.

Nevertheless, we are assiduously working on delivering the Lycia Roadmap for the second half of 2018 and the beginning of 2019, and are happy to share our plans.

We have highlighted four strategic targets:

  • Responsive UI for LyciaWeb
  • Revamped LyciaDesktop
  • Static 4GL code analyzer in LyciaStudio
  • Swift build and deployment

Responsive UI for LyciaWeb

We want to optimize Lycia for smartphones and tablets, so the end users of Lycia apps could stay mobile and operate from any device.

Revamped LyciaDesktop

It is a fact that LyciaDesktop has some behavioral and functional inconsistencies with LyciaWeb and is not as flexible and robust as the latter. This causes our clients struggling with making Lycia applications work in both clients.

We want to lift this burden off our clients’ shoulders and completely reconsider LyciaDesktop design to ensure it mirrors LyciaWeb both visually and functionally.

Static code analyzer in LyciaStudio

With our new 4GL Analyzer you can do an extensive audit of your source code:

  • Identify and investigate system dependencies on a per program basis
  • Understand deeper application details
  • Bring new developers up to speed quickly
  • Save time spent on manual peer reviews
  • Protect business continuity


Its intuitive GUI enables efficiency and keeps focus on a job.

At the moment, 4GL Analyzer features include but are not limited to the following:

  • Complete list of all programs, modules, functions, and reports
  • Function specifics: parameters, callee and caller views for direct and indirect function calls, table usage, link to a function source in your code
  • Indication of duplicate and dead code
  • Comprehensive overview of your Database
  • Table specifics: caller view for direct and indirect table usage, columns, links to related functions


This list will expand during the course of forthcoming development and enhancement.


Now we want to integrate this smart tool into LyciaStudio to supply with the standard Lycia package. You will need to have Node.js and Graphviz installed to run it.

Swift build and deployment

We want Lycia to be faster, so you could speed up the development and deployment of your apps and get them up and running as quick as possible.

* * *

The roadmap is subject to change. We will share all information about future developments in this blog.

Please let us know if you have any feedback, questions or feature requests for the future. We are always looking into ways to improve our products.