Lycia 2018 Roadmap has taken off, and we are excited to announce our plans for the first half of the year. The progress is already in full swing, and we are doing our utmost to maintain the plotted course.

We have allocated our teams into two parallel tracks.
One is focused on passing Lycia through the cleanup and modernization phase, where we are making plenty of technical improvements, laying the foundation for fulfilling lots of ambitious ideas in the second half of 2018.
The other is focused on strategical improvements, intended to considerably enhance the user experience at all stages of interacting with Lycia: installation, configuration, app design, and the end-user perspective.  And here are the four areas that got our attention in Q1 and Q2 of 2018:

Querix Lycia Roadmap H1 2018

Material UI

By the end of Q2, we aim to announce the brand new look and feel for LyciaWeb: Material style, responsive, easily customizable, coming with a well-styled system theme out of the box.
We want Lycia to keep its pace with the time and provide rich and robust GUI which is compliant with the latest UX guidelines and visual design trends, concerned with the enterprise specifics.
We anticipate the new design fine-tuning to take some time after the public announcement, as we will be actively engaging with our community, gathering and addressing the feedback. And in H2 2018, LyciaWeb will go mobile.

Querix Lycia Material UI

Form Designer

Not only we want to provide you with rich and modern GUI, we also want to make its configuration an easy and pleasant task.

We will enhance the property management:

  • Optimize the set of default properties for widgets and containers;
  • Provide you with a means of creating a custom configuration (define default and advanced properties and their order, hide the unused items, etc.);
  • Introduce inline edit wherever possible;
  • Reorganize and streamline context actions and menus.

We will refine the existing widgets, containers and their properties. Drop a few, and announce some new widgets that we are sure will be useful for you.

In parallel, the dev team is working on strengthening the Form Designer’s backend infrastructure, improving its overall responsiveness and introducing more simplified but still smarter layout options.


The installers for Windows and Linux platforms will see a revamp with the new package manager and installation wizard.

  • Choose which components to install, and add the rest of them anytime later.
  • Upgrading to the latest version of Lycia will do little to no changes to your custom configuration.
  • You will be able to upgrade directly from LyciaStudio: enable the automatic updates or do it manually at will.

Service Desk

Querix’s customer service is renown for the personalized approach and high quality of service.
We wish to become even better – get more helpful and efficient than ever before. That’s why we are going to introduce a full-fledged Service Desk, so you could submit and track your requests with an easy-to-use portal and take full advantage of the integrated knowledge base.

* * *

At Querix, we strive to meet the expectations of the community, and our roadmap is always open for enhancement and amendment.

We would love to hear from you about more ideas for our roadmap.
If you have some, let us know!

In the meantime, you are welcome to monitor the interim progress on the Lycia Release Notes page that we regularly update with the details of the latest and coming version of Lycia.