Liberatii Gateway

Migration to Azure SQL database has never been easier. Instead of spending years on rewriting database applications or replacing the existing applications, just change your application connection to point to Liberatii Gateway. After that, Liberatii Gateway translates all queries and result sets on-the-fly. In other words, it emulates all the behaviours of source database on the target database.

At Querix, we have spent years to develop a pioneering product and in another word a masterpiece. This masterpiece (i.e,  Liberatii) helps IT organisarions reduce their database migration time and risk, move to cloud databases faster and take back control of their IT spending and architecture.

Our initial idea was based on the fact that more than 80% of database migration and app modernization projects fail.  Therefore, there is a need for a product to break this huge enterprise lock. Furthermore, due to evolution of new software trends such as Microservices, cloud native apps, web APIs, etc., database applications should be able to connect with any database without going through years of software development. Hence, Liberatii Gateway was developed by a group of talented engineers at Querix and now the product is ready for customers to reap the benefits.

Some of the technical benefits of Liberatii Gateway are as follows:

  • The SQL translation and data conversion are seamless and with no measurable latency.
  • No Need for Source Code: You don’t need to touch or compile your application source code. Liberatii Gateway works perfectly with legacy binary applications.
  • Preserve Business Logic: While changing and modernizing your database, you can keep your legacy application to avoid business disruption and staff retraining.
  • Support for Missing Database Syntax: Missing or unsupported syntaxes or types of the source database are emulated on the target database.


Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Liberatii Gateway for Oracle Apps is now available for a test drive on Microsoft Azure marketplace through our partner MicrolinkPC (UK) Ltd.

Liberatii Gateway for Oracle Apps test drive on Azure marketplace is a SaaS offering which upon deployment, connects apps developed for Oracle database (11g) using thin JDBC to Azure SQL database without touching the application source code. After deploying you will be given the following information:

Access to Liberatii Gateway for Oracle Applications:

  1. Oracle database username
  2. Oracle database password
  3. Host name
  4. Port number
  5. Oracle SID

Access to Azure SQL database backend:

  1. Azure SQL database address
  2. Port number
  3. Azure SQL login
  4. Azure SQL password
  5. Database name

We have also provided a sample PL/SQL script to run in SQL developer available to download from our GitHub repository. You will have two hours time to check the test drive and run the sample application from your instance on Azure SQL database.

Our goal is to free your applications from database lock-in, so please check the test drive and contact us for more info.