Querix is happy to present the Lycia VScode extension (LVSCE)

As compared with Querix’s well established Lycia development workbench that is based on Eclipse IDE, the Lycia VScode extension is perfectly optimized and hardened for Building and Debugging modern Web and Cloud Applications.

What also should be mentioned is the Lycia VScode Extension already includes the majority of plugin features that Eclipse-based Lycia IDE has. These features allow users to solve all common development tasks such as Code Editing, Git-Version Control, Debugging and Deployment. Moreover, the 4GL development workbench in Lycia VScode Extension can be used remotely with a browser.

Last but not least, we would like to announce the Graphical Form Designer for the Lycia VSode extension. It is currently in development and its release is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2022.

See the video tutorials below to get acquainted with the Lycia VScode extension (LVSCE), and subscribe to our YouTube channel to receive instant updates whenever we have exciting news to share with you.

Lycia VSode extension Remote Development


Lycia VSode extension Remote Debugging


Using the Lycia VSode extension on the Code Server (VScode online)