Querix is delighted to announce that IIUG 2021 is getting close. This year, the world’s largest Informix virtual conference is even more comprehensive and includes sessions by the world’s top Informix experts.

Over the past 2 decades, Querix has established itself as a considerably substantial and constantly evolving contributor to the Informix 4GL programming language. Thus, we are happy to introduce our speaker at IIUG this year:

Alexandr Kudentsov Wed 10/6 1:10 pm EDT – Querix – Cloud-Native development in 4GL. The following topics will be considered:

Lycia in Kubernetes cluster(Load Balancing, Hot Deployment); Lycia extension for Web Based IDE (Basic Features, Remote Development, CI/CD, Remote Debugging); Web Services with REST API (4gl functions and apps as Web Service in a simple compilation); Lycia features(Reference, Json/Bson, RegExp, HashMap)

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