Querix is happy to announce its guest speaker Eric Vercelletto at the 2021 IIUG Virtual Conference with the presentation:

“Developing IoT and Hybrid applications with 4GL: am I dreaming or is this really”. Thu 10/7 3:30 pm EDT

The following topics will be considered:

  • How to use Lycia 4GL instructions and data types that will make it possible.
  • Achieve solid and easily maintainable source code performing up and down access ( read SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE ) to hybrid Informix tables containing BSON/NoSql columns.
  • Handle the program data with 4GL instructions you are familiar with.
  • Although languages like JavaScript and Python are great languages, you will understand how NoSql/JSON data programming and execution have never been that fast.

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Moreover, Querix offers you all the tools and services you need to transform your Informix 4GL applications to the next level

Your current solution mirrors your current business processes best and is the result of countless years if not even decades in research, analysis, and software development. We know your business is too important to be disrupted by IT changes, and it is also too risky and costly for your application to be migrated, rewritten, or to be replaced by an “off the shelf” packaged application.

With Lycia, you do transform your application which is very different from a migration. We do not force you to follow one single project path but give you back the control over what aspects and features you want to include in your application transformation depending on your available resources’ overall goal.

Querix services come with over 25 years of 4GL expertise and a mature but still constantly evolving 4GL solution Lycia, our fourth generation of 4GL-based development systems. By utilizing our innovative technology and dedicated support, you will be able to offer a software solution that will deliver a better customer experience.

For the special IIUG-2021 World Event, we offer you a serious boost to digitally transform your application into a modernized solution.


  • One day tailored training for your company.
  • Report with Detailed Transformation Estimates
  • Consultancy and Assistance
  • Code Analysis
  • Transformation of one component of your application


The transformation will include (depending on your chosen goal):

  •  Modern skin i.e. Google Material Design
  •  Application launcher Menu with MDI
  •  CSS and JavaScript to your personal taste
  •  REST WebService Server/Client
  •  Graphical menus and toolbar
  • All modifications including comments
  • Sources Stored in a Version Controlled System (GIT)


To get the FREE OFFER from Querix, please send us the message “IIUG World 2021” via the Contact Form and then Sign Up on the Querix website with the same e-mail and name.