A lot of changes are happening at Querix. We have turned a new page and are now beginning a new exciting chapter.

Querix Scrum Board

  • Now Agile
  • More focused on improving the user experience
  • New roadmap
  • Open to the end-user feedback and ready to act upon it at full impulse
  • Establishing direct communication channels with our clients and actively working towards raising the level of their satisfaction and loyalty
  • We want our clients to feel they are being taken good care of

We are actively improving the usability of Lycia, our 4GL compiler, and will be introducing major upgrades in H1 2018. Read more about all these in our next post.

Meanwhile, we are releasing small updates on a bi-weekly basis: new features, improvements to the existing functionality, and bug fixes. This may be just the right time to make the upgrading one of your habits 🙂 On the Lycia Release Notes page, you can check what is the last release about and what to expect in the coming one.

We are also introducing a new product – DBT (Database Transformation), which allows for seamless migration of the Oracle apps to MS SQL Server. What is more, its architecture opens the door for app migration from any DB to any DB.

We also have a trump card or two for our 4GL App Analyzer that you will definitely want to know about. Stay tuned to find out!

We want to be closer to you, our prospecting or current client! We can’t wait to know how you feel about our products and services and how we can improve to accommodate and even go above your expectations.
If you want to try out any of our products, or need guidance, or got a question, or wish to provide a feedback, please get in touch. We are always here for you!